Cardinal Point Learning Systems (CPLS) provides a wide range of services from establishing a full employee
learning system to developing and delivering one-hour customized training courses. Our goal is to provide you
with the best solutions for your employee training and development needs, appropriate to your organization's resources.

Cardinal Point works with you to analyze your present and future business needs; to design and develop the optimal route
Cardinal Point Learning Systems is guided by the belief that every organization — your organization! — can benefit
from every learning opportunity.

Contact us today for your free performance improvement consultation. Begin taking advantage of every
performance improvement opportunity presented to your organization. Learn how to use training
design, development, implementation and evaluation to achieve your organization's strategic goals.

Thomas H. West

Tom is a management consultant, educator/trainer and engineer.
He is dedicated to enabling his clients to grow by growing
their greatest asset, their employees. Tom's clients
range from large (Fortune 50) corporations
to small, one-person operations.

Tom uses his strong background in
science and engineering to ensure
each organizational intervention is well grounded.
His "hard science" background is complimented by a
keen understanding of human needs and capabilities
developed from extensive experience as a trainer,
coach and mentor. Tom constructively engages
individuals, groups, and entire organizations in the
change process to produce sustainable



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